Ever seen an Angel performing miracles? That's exactly what it seems like when Angel helps with your debt. He will tell you exactly, step by step, what you need to do to get rid of your debt in a fraction of the time and cost. A complete and detailed plan that will save you thousands of dollars and years of worry. If you're paying way too much money in interest each month, you will get a detailed, disciplined, consistent plan to end it and save tons of dollars in the process. On top of it all, it'll help you boost your credit. Waste no more time (and money), call Angel now.
Leonardo Luna
Leonardo Luna
19:10 04 Apr 19
I have personally met with Angel Gonzalez and the value that he delivers To both individuals and businesses Is exceptional. Whether you have personal or corporate debt, take a positive step forward and call Angel Gonzalez. You will save both time and money. Highly recommended vendor by Tammy Garcia – Realtor On The Road.
Tammy Garcia
Tammy Garcia
14:10 01 Nov 18
I'm a single mom that was trying to put my daughter through college without student loans but unfortunately was not able to completely do that on my own so I took out loans plus other debts. I felt like I was drowning in debt and had no way out. I met with Angel Gonzalez regarding this program. He has been a huge blessing in my life as well as an amazing Financial Consultant. He has been very understanding and extremely knowledgeable in guiding me step by step with this process, basically holding my hand the whole way. And I'm so excited to say that just yesterday, we scheduled my first credit card payment. I'm extremely grateful for Angel and all he has done for me. I highly recommend this program and especially Angel to anyone who feels there is no hope to get out of debt.
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez
15:22 19 Oct 18
Angel Gonzalez has been (and continues to be) instrumental in assisting me in paying off debts and, as a result, improving my credit score. He is personable, is patient and knowledgeable when answering my many questions, and is available when it is convenient for me. As a lawyer, this is invaluable. I highly recommend his program to all who qualify, and have referred my own clients, as well.
Irama Valdes
Irama Valdes
21:39 12 Sep 18
Angle is very informative & super professional! I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to eliminate their debt!
Gigi nicoletti
Gigi nicoletti
17:56 13 Sep 18
Your Trusted Debt Elimination Company in Miami

Your Family Bank is a trusted partner when it comes to regaining control of your finances and preparing for a better financial future. We provide a variety of services, including debt elimination, credit repair, credit building, college planning, and retirement solutions.

Get Rid of Debts and Stay Debt-Free

We understand that dealing with debts that continuously pile up can be overwhelming. But we’re here to lift your burden of debt. We specialize in helping people get out of all their debts in nine years or less. Our program includes strategies that allow you to stop the financial bleeding while paying off all your debts in just a few years.

Our debt elimination program focuses on the entirety of your financial health, rather than only restructuring the debts or negotiating for lower balances. We determine the root cause of all your financial troubles and address it through a great debt relief plan. Of course, we also provide solutions to help you stick to the plan, no matter how long it is.

We’re Here to Help

Regaining control of your finances is a journey, but you’re not alone in it. Our company is here to help you navigate through the complexities of the debt elimination process. We give all the tools and resources you need to develop smart financial habits.

Plus, our representatives underwent training not only to learn debt elimination processes and credit laws but also to understand how money works. With such knowledge, they can change your lives for the better.

Your Family Bank helps get rid of your debts. But more importantly, our holistic approach keeps you from bankruptcy and gives you an opportunity to rebuild your financial health.

Let us help solve all your financial troubles. Call us today for a free strategy session.

Meet Mark: An Example Of How to Get Debt Free

The Your Family Bank® concept starts with a story … the story of Mark and Joyce. Mark and Joyce are not unique. In fact their situation is one that millions of Americans find themselves in every day.

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