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Debt Elimination

Don't Consolidate. Eliminate.

Your Family Bank specializes in getting individuals out of debt in nine years or less. We provide debt relief in Miami, FL that focuses on eliminating the entire debt rather than just reducing or restructuring it. More importantly, we help you take better control of your financial health. We teach you how to get out of debt and stay debt-free forever.

Don’t Restructure, Eliminate Instead

Negotiating the balances or restructuring your debt may not be the answer to your long-standing credit problem. It’s like treating the symptoms of an illness, rather than the cause. With debt elimination, we help you pin down the sources of all your financial troubles and create a plan to get rid of those. We also provide financial education and other solutions that give you the determination to stick to the plan and see the bigger picture of doing so.

We Help You Create a Plan — And Stick To It

When your debts continue to pile up, a debt elimination program can stop the financial bleeding, protect you from bankruptcy, and help you regain control of your finances.

In Miami, getting a good debt elimination plan is possible through us. When you sign up with Your Family Bank, you don’t only get debt relief services but also a financial consultant.

We understand that how you get into debt is just as important as how much debt you have. So instead of focusing only on the total amount of your debt, our 7-Step Money Management Program enables you to evaluate your money habits today and plan for a better financial future.

Of course, we also help you stick to the plan — no matter how long it is. We have online tools to help you monitor your debts and credit score, as well as budgeting, retirement, and other plans. You can stay on top of your finances anytime, anywhere.

Above all, we improve the probability that you won’t go back into debt ever again by teaching you the real cost of debt and how to develop smart, valuable financial habits.

Let Us Lift Your Burden of Debt

As both your debt relief company and financial consultant, you can count on us to be with you every step of the way. Debt elimination is a journey, but you’re never alone in it.

Instead of worrying alone about daily expenses and credit bills, let us, the professionals, help lift your burden of debt. Our representatives underwent rigorous training to understand not only the process of debt elimination but also how money works. You can capitalize on our knowledge and experience to navigate through a great debt relief program and maximize its benefits. We’re here to help change your lives for the better.

Give us a call today for a free strategy session.

Learn Healthy Spending Habits

We don’t restructure debt, we eliminate it and create an environment that helps our clients understand how to not fall into the same old spending habits. We teach them new habits and give them new avenues for remaining in control of their financial destiny. Through our program, clients learn the real cost of debt and we show them how their lives could be significantly improved by reducing and, ultimately, eliminating all their debt.

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